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Volunteer Days in March: CHEP at Rosslyn Primary School, Pretoria

We ran multiple volunteer days this month in honour of International Day of Forests. On 13 March, Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) joined enthusiastic volunteers from CHEP in planting fifty-five trees at Rosslyn Primary School in Pretoria. The day enabled FTFA to integrate the 2019 theme of Forests and Education, really emphasising the importance of trees in our lives to the learners. This specific tree-planting event was run through the Trees For All programme. The FTFA team was joined by CHEP volunteers and the learners of Rosslyn Primary School in planting ten fruit trees and forty-five indigenous shade trees.

Rosslyn Primary School is only five years young and CHEP is the first to sponsor a greening initiative at this lively primary school. As it is such a new establishment, Rosslyn Primary School has not yet been able to establish many trees on their grounds, and this means that benefit the new trees will be obviously noticed. The learners received their trees, as well as fourteen bags of compost, with much joy.

The CHEP volunteers were not shy to get their hands dirty in planting the trees they donated and much laughter and fun was shared making the team-building event a tremendous success. Other than the future fruit and food security, these trees will provide the school with shade and enhanced school pride.

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