FTFA Guides

Agri-Enterprise: Steps to a successful business

Are you wanting to start a small farming business but unsure of where to begin? This FTFA guide will help you with planning the basics.

Companion Planting

In natural ecosystems plants perform functions that can either help or inhibit other plants to grow. This FTFA guide will help you understand which plants grow well together.

Compost Making

Well made, healthy compost will increase the organic matter in your soil, encouraging better plant growth and a thriving ecosystem. This FTFA guide will help you prepare a rich, nutrient dense compost heap.

Planting a Herb Garden

The use of herbs is woven into various culinary, medicinal and traditional practices. This FTFA guide will help you understand how best to plant them together.

Planting a Tree

Do you want to plant trees at home or in your local community? This FTFA guide shows you how to plant a tree for the best chance of survival.

FTFA Production Planning Poster

Production Planning

Do you want to know how and when to plant vegetables for maximum yield? This FTFA guide provides information on the most popular vegetables so you can increase your yield for take-home, gate sales or market.