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Trees for Africa (TFA) history began with the founding as a Voluntary Association by Jeunesse Park in November 1990.

Recognising a need for action in the face of (what was then called) global warming, Ms Park began fundraising to plant trees in schools in Johannesburg. In a pre-democratic South Africa, tree planting was not recognised as an important issue but with vision and tenacity, Ms Park started our mission with the following core objectives:

  • To contribute to food security, greening, natural resource management and sustainable business.
  • Education and training of learners, teachers and communities within historically disadvantaged communities of Southern Africa.
  • Promotion of environmental activities, within all sectors of society.
  • Promotion of sustainable economic development, improved environments, and enhanced livelihoods.
  • Building capacity and skills within agriculture, urban forestry and climate change adaptation.

And so the journey began…

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