Enterprise Supplier Development

Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD)

Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) is one of the most important elements of your B-BBEE scorecard.  Implemented correctly, ESD interventions can add value to multiple aspects of your business.

FTFA’s ESD programmes are efficient and sustainable — and don’t think it’s only about growing food; our carbon offset-related ESD can add great value and reduce liability.

Food Security


Community Market Gardens

Community Market Gardens is a fantastic ESD initiative where we train and support garden businesses in townships and communities. These garden's generate income for the beneficiary and develop local food security.


FEED Starter Farm

Aimed at emerging farmers, this establishes and supports farmers using bio-intensive agriculture techniques. This is can be stand alone and may be the natural progression from a market garden.


FEED Africa (Farmer Development)

FEED Africa identifies, skills and mentors farmers and develops a sustainable supply / value chain for the crops grown. This is an excellent ESD programme regardless of industry sector.


FEED Social Enterprise

The FEED Social Enterprise is an initiative aimed at aggregation of black farmers and providing them with a means and access to market,

Tree Planting


Enterprise Orchards

FTFA’s Enterprise Orchards assist farmers in establishing high yielding, low input orchards which increase provision of naturally grown fruit at the local level.


Community Nurseries

FTFA’s Community Nursery programme facilitates the creation of community nurseries, and supports existing community operations.



Business Box

The FTFA Business Box is a 10 day short course designed to aid any farmer, market gardener or agri-entrepreneur get a good understanding of the admin and operational requirements of running a small agri-business.

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