Corporate Social Investment

Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) — or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) — shows the world that as a company you think beyond just yourselves and your own self interest.

CSI funding normally goes towards charitable causes, non-profit organisations, and civil society groups. Especially in South Africa, this funding is very important. We cannot understate the invaluable impact it makes to our organisation and therefore our society.

Socio Economic Development (SED)

With the advent of B-BBEE codes, CSI is sometimes seen as interchangeable with Socio Economic Development (SED). There are many important causes out there, but often companies combine their CSI with black empowerment initiatives. This helps to obtain a better scorecard.

FTFA has a 100% Black Beneficiary Base. It is also a B-BBEE Level 1 company as measured on a specialised scorecard.

Below are our programmes and initiatives that fall under CSI and SED. We’ve grouped these into Food Security, Trees & Carbon, and Education so that you can focus on your internal goals.

Food Security


Permaculture Starter Pack (PSP)

Sponsor the essential for a school or community to start a basic food garden up.


School Food Gardening

A school gardens provide nutrition to learners and communities and is a symbol of the school’s impact in its community.


Community Gardening

Community Gardens function as growing, nutrition and social hubs within a community. The produce is primarily consumed but surpluses can be sold, for extra income.


Homestead Gardening

Homestead gardening focuses on individual homes in a township or community. Sometimes combined with our fruit trees in homes.


The EduPlant Programme

Starting in 1994, the EduPlant Programme has evolved to become the leading school gardening and nutrition programme in the country.

Tree Planting


Community Tree Planting

Community tree planting focuses on planting fruit and indigenous trees in shared spaces (schools, hospitals, aged-homes) as well homes.


Food Forests

Food Forests are source of nutrition and provide dense greenery on otherwise unused pieces of land. Deliberately planted in high-density, this form of greening has been shown to many positive impacts.


Volunteer Days

Tree planting can be a great way for a company to give time or volunteer. It's also a fantastic way to team-build and develop relationships.



Materials Development

We are always looking to develop in-house materials. Our educational materials cover a wide range of topics and age-groups.


Accredited Training

We offer internal and accredited workshops and short courses on a wide range of topics. This includes the FTFA Business Box training over ten days.

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