Core competencies

Core competencies
can be thought of like the trunk of a tree. The trunk forms a solid base which helps to grow branches — our programmes — and, in turn, each of those programmes bear nourishing, delicious fruit that is appreciated by our beneficiaries. In the case of FTFA, the tree is well-established, the trunk is strong, and donors that feed the roots can be assured of the best development impact.

Knowledge and Experience

Yes, knowledge and experience can be a core competency. There are very few substitutes for nearly thirty years of experience within South African social development. We learned lessons in 1990 that some people are still going to learn in 2020. We’ve improved through our blunders, however small, and have integrated our successes to create an extraordinary knowledge economy which flows through the genetic fabric of FTFA and is inherent in everything we do. When you work with us you automatically get the benefit of this accumulated knowledge and experience. By special request we can also arrange knowledge transfer sessions for your Social Investment teams.

Assessments, Monitoring & Evaluation

Correct assessment of a project is a critical element before starting any social development project. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, this is often an overlooked step in social development interventions — and when it is done, very rarely is it done by a specialist in the sector. You wouldn’t call an electrician to assess your plumbing, would you? This is where we come in. This is part of what we do. Even if you want to run the project yourself, at least get us to properly assess the project needs, potential, and expected outcomes. It may save you a lot of time and heartache. We also conduct the monitoring and evaluation of projects (M&E). Again, no strings attached — we simply run it through our intervention methodologies and tell it like it is. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Compliance and Reporting

Regardless of how good a project may be performing, it is important that you as a sponsor receive timely, accurate, and relevant reports, keeping you up-to-date on your social investment. Whilst our focus is unashamedly development impact, we know we need make the lives of our supporters easier in order to do more good work. We’re not sure which came first — the chicken or the egg — but either way, we’ve become very good at fulfilling company compliance needs. Whether it’s CSI, SD, SED, ESD, BBBEE, or 18As, we make it easy by drawing up and getting everything required without hassle.

Integrated and Tailored Solutions

Every project in social development is different and we understand this well. Whilst we do offer standardised solutions, our ability to offer smart, customised projects within food security and environmental sustainability is a strong core competency of ours. In addition to this, we have the unique ability to integrate multiple programmes and/or initiatives within a single area or community which enables bolstering links between impact and creates a critical mass of change. Our Programme Managers and Coordinators meet regularly to see if there are links and/or efficiencies which can be created between their programmes or initiatives, meaning that should you want a to implement a multi-faceted project, we’re the people to ask.