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Cape Arbor 2019

In April 2019, Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) rolled out its inaugural Cape Arbor campaign. The initiative is aimed at raising donation for trees to be planted specifically in the Western Cape.

In light of the droughts and devastating veld fires throughout the Cape region in the last few years, FTFA’s aim is to plant many thousands of trees during the autumn and winter months of 2019. With your help it can be achieved. Together we can help alleviate the resultant negative environmental and social impacts.

Specifically, FTFA is focusing on fruit tree planting during the Cape Arbor campaign. Planting fruit trees provides the general benefits of tree-planting — i.e. shade, better air quality, and local environmental improvements such as erosion management and better water-holding capacity — as well as the added bonus of enhancing food security for local communities and farms. Planting many thousands of fruit trees will represent a major contribution to ensuring future food sovereignty throughout the Cape region.

Now, you may be wondering why FTFA is running its Cape Arbor campaign now when National Arbor Month is in September, and why we’re focusing on planting intensively during the autumn and winter months. The reason for this is that the Cape region is predominantly a winter-rainfall climate. FTFA is aiming to get thousands of fruit trees into the ground before, and during, the rainy season so as to ensure the best possible start for the trees. Good rains are also expected in the upcoming months following the drought the region has recently faced.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know you were directly involved with such a positivity impactful campaign?! Anyone — and from anywhere — can get involved through SnapScan, Zapper, or to help FTFDA create food forests throughout South Africa’s beautiful Cape.


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