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Breaking Ground on Food & Trees for Africa’s First Food Forest

JOHANNESBURG – 9th March 2018 – In the build-up to the International Day of the Forests 2018, Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) will be breaking ground on the organisation’s first urban food forest. 1000 trees have been committed by the South African National Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), for the benefit of the Evaton, Sebokeng and Orange Farm community members. 20 of these trees will be planted on the 9thof March, as FTFA, DAFF and local community members break ground on the Food Forest at Letsema Illima Primary School in Evaton. The remaining 980 trees will be donated to pre-identified local farmers and schools, who will use the trees to start food forests on their premises.

The International Day of the Forests was established in 2013 when the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the 21st of March the day to recognise the importance of forests. Each year the Food and Agriculture Organisation designates a theme for the day, 2018 being “Forests and Sustainable Cities.”

“Food Forests are a key component of permaculture design, and ensure a reliable, perennial supply of food with minimal maintenance,” says Emily Jones, Trees and Carbon Manager at FTFA. “It’s remarkable to partner with beneficiaries and government to establish FTFA’s first such project. We’re excited to see how these food forests evolve in urban and peri-urban environments.”

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