Corporate Social Investment

Make an impact with Food & Trees by investing in our communities. With your help, we can build a legacy and a better future for all.

Enterprise Supplier Development

Whatever your industry, we understand what it takes to develop sustainable, reliable businesses and include them in your supply chain.

Education, Training & Skills Development

If your strategy includes education think about supporting one of Food & Trees’ education-based initiatives.

Integrated, Tailored Interventions

Every strategy and intervention are different. Therefore, Food & Trees tailors our proposals across a broad range of programmes.

Compliance Reporting

Getting your compliance prepared can be time consuming if you don’t have the right documents or partners.

Data-Aided Development

Our extensive knowledge and experience within the sector allows us to gain deep insights. We ask the right questions, and thus predict your project’s outcome within a high probability.

Our Programmes

Community Market Gardens

The Market Gardens programme is a food security initiative focusing on income-producing community food gardens and small-holder farmers. We utilise bio-intensive farming methods and combine technical skills training, expert support, and social dynamics workshops.

FEED Africa (Farmer Development)

The Farmer Eco-Enterprise Development (FEED) Africa focuses on commercial agriculture and the supply chain by promoting bio-intensive techniques which are coupled with training and farmer support.

Community Tree Planting

Community tree planting transforms shared spaces. We plant at schools, community centres, as well as in private homes, and we have created strategic greenbelts in major city centres across the country.

Enterprise Orchards

Enterprise Orchards assists farmers and communities in developing high-yielding, productive orchards. The initiative promotes planting multiple species and varieties to fruit can be harvested over most of the year.

School Gardening

School food gardens are essential to ensuring learners have access to healthy, nutritious food. Inadequate nutrition, particularly in school learners, is well known to negatively impact learning ability, and we want to turn this around.

The EduPlant Programme

This leading schools food gardening and greening programme has been running since 1994. It provides educator, learner, and community permaculture workshops, educational materials, and planting resources.

Homestead Gardening

Homestead gardening focuses on establishing and growing food gardens at the homes of invested, passionate individuals in townships or rural communities. We believe that homestead gardening is fundamental to ensuring food security in South Africa.

Food Forests Initiative

Forests are the most productive, self-sustaining, terrestrial ecosystems on Earth and require very little to no maintenance once established. Therefore, the Food Forests Initiative focuses on nutrition through tree planting. It builds on years of experience implementing long-term greening and food security interventions.

Community Nurseries

The Community Nursery programme facilitates the creation of community nurseries and/or develops and supports existing primary, secondary or tertiary revenue streams from these community operations and sustainability initiatives.

African Climate Reality Project

The African Climate Reality Project (ACRP) — a branch of the US-based The Climate Reality Project — was established to support African Climate Reality Leaders in their efforts to combat climate change in Africa, a continent disproportionately affected by this global crisis.

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